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Orange Coast presents the following items on sale during 11/26/2015 to 12/3/2015.

You can email the items to reserve and leave your contact info ( Name and phone #, email address) during this periods and I will process the product purchase next week to call you. You can pay by credit card or paypal. You can also call or fax the items and your contact info alternatively.


a)  Carpet Wand 1.5" 12" Width 2 Jet S bend Classic profile                      $110

b)  Carpet Wand 1.5" 12" Width 2 Jet S bend Low profile                           $110

c)  Van Shelf for Truckmount Carpet Cleaning Professionals                    $180 +shipping

d)  Air Duct Cleaning Vacuum Driven 1.5” Hose                                           $280

e)  Carpet Stair Wand 1.5” 10” width 30”Long 2 Jet                                      $99

f)  Carpet Details Upholstery Tools 4” Width Open                                      $49.95

g)  Carpet Details Upholstery Tools 4” Width Close                                     $49.95

h)  Carpet Wand 1.5” Handle Grip                                                                   $7.95 + shipping

i)   Angled Valve WestPak Soft Touch Repair Kit                                           $9.99

j)   Angled Valve Repair Kit K-valve                                                                  $9.09


Items are free shipping except those mentioned extra shipping fees.

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