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Devpro / DangPro 2019

Carpet Cleaning / Truckmount


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Over 50 years of service in the industry


Devpro / Dangpro  V3 Adv Titanium 

Carpet Cleaning Truckmount Wand 14"

Swivel (Bearing Inside) Head Lockable Improved

w/ Telfon Glide or Super Lip Options

2" or 1.5"(NEW) Tube; 4 Jet  or 6 Jet

Prochem TI equivalent.

TI Challenger


cal004b - 4Jet          cal004b - 6Jet

$1265 -   2" Tube     $1290 -  2" Tube

$1265   -1.5" Tube     $1290 - 1.5" Tube

Assembly Required!!

cal004_devpro_wand (1)_500x281

Devpro  II Adv

Titanium Carpet Cleaning Wand

Swivel Head!!!!!   We guarantee this will outperform any wand on the market or your money back!


Pre-Order !! Special Color( BLUE or Red or Gray)  Swivel Head! Limited Edition!


Best Suction Carpet Wand: Closest Vacuum Tube Chamber to Floor 3/4"

Glide Option: 5/8" Lip Opening ==> Use Super Lip Possible!!

See Thru Window: Replacable See Thru Window with 4 Hex Nuts.

Lockable Swivel Head:  Swivel or Non Swivel ; User can decide later. Just Use the hex key to lock 2 hex nuts.


Choice of Tube Lenght: 58", 62"  or 67".

          58" Tube:        Height   5'4" ~ 5' 8"

          62" Tube:        Height   5'8" ~ 6' 2"      ( Standard size)

          67" Tube:        Hieght   > 6' 2"


Hottest and most Advanced Wand on the market! This is 100 % authentic  *** Limited Time Price ***

Devpro II Adv Wand Swivel  4 Jet or 6 Jet with Glide 100% Virgin Telfon **** Introductory Price ****

Customers will be impressed with this high quality wand and impressed with your quality wokr!


Best of Everything!

14inch Width, Light Weight,  Jet Adjustable manifold, SS Jets. Slotted Glide or Super Lip, See Thru Window. QD manifold!


Get the most out of your TM or portable, Glide is slotted so you get max water recovery with out the constant clog of hole glides.


Includes Handle

Handles high temperature

Truckmount Wand or Portable

1200psi valve

Standard Male Quick Disconnect 1/4inch ( included)

Industrial Strength Tool

< 10lb weight

Titanium Tube Construction

2" or 1.5" (NEW) Tube


Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty:

If our wand fails to operate or become defective due to any manufacture issues when you received it brand-new (within 30 days), we 'll replace it. Do not attempt to repair, especially the swivel and tube connection, you may void the warranty.

To activate the Warranty, please ask us to send you the warranty card and mail back to manufacturer directly with copy of your purchased receipt.

Please also contact manufacturer directly for any warranty issue!

Shipping Cost is not refundable! No return or refund after 30-day from the shipped date.



Tube            -  Life

Head            -  Life




Blue Swivel Head may or may not available. Please call to confirm.


PRICE ( Assembled Required)

cal004b- 4Jet                 cal 004b-6Jet

$1265 -   2" Tube     $1290 -  2" Tube

$1265   -1.5" Tube    $1290 - 1.5" Tube

Devpro / DangPro 2019                                                                     Devpro V3

Assembly Installation

Pre-Assembled Devpro  II Adv Option Available thru special Request!

Additional $40 for special shipping & handling!!!

All Devpro 2.5 sold out. will ship out V3 only!!!!

Please call to find out what colors

available. Customized color may take up to 3 weeks and additional charges $100 may be required!!

Devpro2_09162016 (2)_500 TwoGlideOption_DevproHead2small 3sizeDevProIIAdv_text SwivelBallBearing (2)_500 SwivelBallBearing (3)_500 SwivelBallBearing (1)_500


Devpro2017_BottomSide_swivel_Center_TextV3 PullHandle_4-40screw_DevproV3 Devpro2017_BottomSide_swivel_Center_TextV3 Devpro2017_Bottom_swivel_side_text_500 Devpro2017_Bottom SideLeft_swivel_Center_text_500 Devpro2017_Top_Center_text_500 DangProBlueHead_2019 (6)sm DangProBlueHead_2019_07242019 (4)_text_OilPlug2019

Devpro II Adv  2.5                                                                    

DangProBlueHead_2019 (7)sm DangProBlueHead_2019_07242019 (4)_text_OilPlug2019 DangProBlueHead_2019 (5)sm

Below are the 2019 latest Version Picture.